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Manu Bennett plays Matt Urlich

Matt became a cop because he believed in law and justice.  After being undercover for years, he found that the two were different and took up David's offer of joining Wyeth & Associates.

His years undercover weren't left behind though - the bad memories keep resurfacing, usually with violent consequences.

Somehow Matt just can't stop thinking like a cop and he can't get away from the cop that soured his career - Kees Van Damm.

Confrontation between the two was inevitable as Charles mesure explains: "Just at a time when it looked like Kees was settling down and mellowing out a bit with the archenemy and so forth, this other guy comes along and pushes all of Kees’ wrong buttons.”

But fate has a way of ironing things out and this series Matt will discover where his true calling lies and get his just rewards.